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For me, Ruth enables and facilitates people to make the most amazing personal transformations through practical skill and incredible intuition

Sales & Marketing Director, Mulberry

Working with Ruth gives me real space to be fully myself, to formulate and believe my own vision with tremendous clarity.  Coaching is absolutely not self-indulgent, rather an exciting journey of discovering for myself how to think ahead and plan the future I want through a process that is positive, challenging and thought provoking. At critical times in my career, Ruth has been the angel at my shoulder, providing a completely supportive space for me to get clear and determine my best way forward.

Board Director, Walker Greenbank plc


Coaching with Ruth Paris

Coaching enables you to sustain success and develop gravitas through engaging with a process of intense personal development that has a remarkable impact on critical areas of performance:

Coaching with Ruth Paris builds gravitas and results

Talented people sometimes find they reach a frustrating plateau in their careers, typified by a sense of inadequacy, low energy and stress.  You have demonstrated your potential, proved your ability and are now expected to continue to grow and deliver ever-increasing results.  Without skilful coaching, this time can be very difficult, even within a supportive environment.  This is when burn-out may become a real danger. The pressure is on to deliver and to keep upping the game - what was a triumph last year becomes the benchmark for this year.  Achievement becomes a paradox, entailing escalating imperatives to perform even better. 

In other words, success can lock you into a very uncomfortable and lonely double-bind.

Skilled coaching provides a facilitated pathway that takes you beyond this scenario.  Through a kind yet challenging process you will identify and clear blocks, find and change unhelpful patters of thinking or behaviour and gain the skills and resilience you need to resume an upward trajectory, both in your career and in your ability not just to cope, but to take ownership of your choices.

Ruth's coaching delivers measurable value, a typical recent client result being to grow their business by over 50% in one year.

Developing gravitas

Truly effective people have a certain quality that cannot be captured or defined, but which is instantly recognised by those they meet.  This is variously described as gravitas, charisma, authority, presence or self-assurance. Developing and being genuinely congruent with this elusive quality is extremely powerful in various important dimensions of relationship:

  • With oneself - feeling internally aligned / personally coherent, sometimes described as 'being comfortable in one's own skin', particularly in challenging circumstances
  • With others within the organisation - an intrinsic characteristic of powerful leadership
  • With clients and partners - essential for being perceived as a strong ambassador for your business

It cannot be achieved by learning new behaviours or techniques; this is something that has to be nurtured from within and emerges naturally over time as you engage more fully with yourself through sophisticated and emotionally intelligent coaching.

Working with Ruth allows this transformative process to evolve in parallel with a new level of mastery of the skills required for you to grow your effectiveness in more challenging roles.

Thinking strategically

Talented managers need to make the transition from 'doing' to 'thinking' - engaging in a more strategic mindset that enables them to stay focused on what's really important, clarify the sequence of actions required and then ensure effective implementation.  This demands a significant shift in how they think, moving from a vertical, silo-type mentality to a horizontal view of the business and its markets.  This entails a different level of ownership of the business and a strong commercial orientation.  Coaching provides the means to stand back and learn the subtle yet powerful tools that allow this change.

Communicating and influencing powerfully

You cannot not communicate; you cannot not influence!  Even keeping a low profile is a communication and affects other people.  The most successful individuals and teams are those who take responsibility for the effects of how they communicate, learning the secrets of clear communication, clean influence and the power of entraining others to action in service of clearly defined outcomes.  Ruth works with the unique strengths and abilities of the individual to take them to a new level of effectiveness and confidence.



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